Posted by: summitguidedogs | February 12, 2009

More Updates

Sterling has been career changed for lack of confidence/stress on outings.  He will be placed by his raiser.

Melrose has been career changed for soft trachea.

Posted by: summitguidedogs | February 10, 2009

Formal Training

Shaw is in phase 10, now considered class ready, and just waiting for a perfect match.

Motown is in phase 5.

Melrose is in phase 3.

Posted by: summitguidedogs | December 18, 2008

December Updates

Melrose and Motown both left for the California campus at the beginning of the month.  

Shaw is in Phase 6 as he goes through the accelerated program.

Posted by: summitguidedogs | November 10, 2008

Club Update

Saturday, Nov 8, Sage, Maggie and Madden graduated at the San Rafael campus.  

Monday Nov 3, Fairmont was career changed in class for pulling too hard in harness.

Sun Nov 2, Shaw returned for formal training.  He is at the Boring, OR campus.

Thurs Oct 30, we welcomed Millicent and Thursten to our club.  Millicent is being co-raised by our leader as her 22nd puppy!  Thursten is his raiser’s second puppy.

Posted by: summitguidedogs | October 30, 2008

Club Updates

Tomorrow our club welcomes two new puppies.  A male black lab, who will be raised by Mario’s starter raiser, and a FBL who will be co-raised by our leader and her daughter.

Saturday Shaw will leave for formal training.  He will be in the pilot accelerated program.  We wish him the best of luck!

Next week we have 4 dogs graduate at the California campus. Maggie, Madden, Sage, and Fairmont.

Pictures to follow soon!